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Better Drinking Culture Invites GVSU Students and Alum

2015-2016: I worked in Grand Valley State University’s Writing Center. We’re one of three student tutoring services to help with the writing, researching, and presentation process for student projects. In early 2015, I proposed designing bi-weekly newsletters to promote comraderie among tutors, especially as our staff of around 100 consultants works in 7 different locations. Here are several of the best newsletter emails (designed using Mailchimp):

Much Overdue

Happy Halloween

Welcome Back: Winter Semester

2016: I was one of the three student coordinators of the Grand Valley State University Writing Department Student Reading Series. For the February reading, I collaborated to create this simple plugger:

srs valentines

2015: One of my tasks for Exodus Place involved creating newsletters and email updates.

Here is the June Newsletter I wrote and helped design! We wanted a short 5-minutes maximum read so that subscribers could get a small snippet of the wonderful updates at Exodus Place in their inbox. If they wanted additional information, we included an option to visit our website for more stories. I also am finishing up the July Newsletter. Here’s the draft so far.

Every two weeks, Exodus Place sends an email to partner agencies and nonprofit organizations to inform them of residential room availability in the facility. Here is an example of one of these emails I created.

A screenshot of the available beds email
A screenshot of the available beds email














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