The V-Card Series

violence   ̶   virginity   ̶   victim   ̶   violation   ̶   victory   ̶   voice

The V-Card Series involves developing a series of poems sharing differing perspectives, emotions, stories, and hope for victims of sexual assault, as well as violators. Why is this series needed? One in every five women will be a victim of sexual assault or rape in her lifetime. This problem is not going away unless we act. I am in the process of crafting a series of poems that can be performed as a set around the country. I have conducted interviews and research unearthing a range of stories, and all the source material for the series is true to emphasize to audiences that each piece is the story of an individual and not fictionalized. There is something accessible and non-threatening about poetry that is difficult to gain from simply a lecture. This set of poems opens the issue to those who are struggling and want to ask for help or work through their histories, as well as those who have yet to learn the definition of rape and consensual vs. non-consensual sex.

This series has been performed at Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, and the University of Northern Iowa. Thank you to the representatives from these universities for bringing me to your campus.

Interested in arranging a performance at your school? Find more information here.

Events that this series might accompany on your campus:

–          It’s On Us events

–          Sexual Assault Awareness events

–          Domestic Violence Awareness events

–          Take Back the Night

–          Rock Against Rape

–          Student Activist events

–          Multicultural events

–          Women’s History month events

–          Poetry Month events or Writers Series events